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At The Crossing, we bring back the nostalgia of life on the subcontinent, with all its blurred lines and chaos. Our meal experience is immersed in the nostalgia of secret Indian family recipes, showcasing just how diverse we are as a country, and how crisscrossed our culture is!

Our menu at The Crossing is a celebration of that very diversity. We uphold mainstream Indian cuisine but continue to showcase a more offbeat side of food from the Rajput kitchens, hidden gems from northeast India, and simple yet robust recipes from India’s coastline. In addition to traditional fare, we shine a spotlight on the foreign influences of past rulers, raiders and explorers that have historically found their way into Indian cuisine from places as far as the Caribbean, Portugal, France and Great Britain.

Here, at The Crossing, we’ve ventured over borders and witnessed a mix of cultures, habits and, most importantly, culinary practices. Enjoy our carefully selected recipes from across India, using ethically-sourced GI-tagged ingredients, right here in downtown Dubai.

We can’t wait for you to join us at The Crossing. We hope you’re hungry!

Chef Ankur Chakraborty

Co-Founder LemonButter

Chef Ankur Chakraborty has been promoting regional Indian Food across his restaurants with a focus on high quality ingredients and a major focus for him is driving sustainable business with a strong focus on consistency.

Ankur and his partners got together on a common passion for great quality Food concepts, and they formed LemonButter in the year 2020. Streetery Food Hall and the Crossing Dubai are two of the assets LemonButter has in the UAE.

At the Crossing, the ideation of the restaurant comes from his child hood travels and growing up around the vast Indian subcontinent as part of a family that served the Indian railways.

He understood the rich and diverse food culture India had to offer and Ankur has taken many such recipes and experiences to bring on the world platform through The Crossing. The food has been imagined to have interesting pairings with international grapes and an exciting cocktail program, which has been one of the key focus.

The Crossing, is about minimalism where the food from the larger India finds representation. It’s about GI tagged ingredients from the subcontinent, the non commercial, and forgotten recipes from home kitchens.

The crossing is your meal ticket to india.

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